Foto: Yngvild Keilen


A prisoner of war's dream of freedom and the future

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A journey towards reconciliation with the past - and a prisoner of war's dream of freedom and the future.

This is a story about longing for your homeland, the mother tongue and the arms of your mother. It is about the thirst for music, poetry and art. It is the fight to survive, help, save, liberate, illuminate, escape and fly. And it is about loving, and loving someone called Erika.

In this powerful monologue, freely based on the book of the same name, we get to experience human solidarity during the Second World War. The solidarity that went on to become an important basis for the friendship between Bosnians, Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats, and Norwegians. A friendship that to this day is still growing and flourishing.

The performance is performed in Swedish and subtitled in English.

In Granitt we meet the cancer-stricken diplomat Derviš Imamović Foto: Bjørn Leirvik

About the Performance

A group of Yugoslav prisoners of war arrives at the Osen prison camp at Luktvatnet on the south side of Korgfjellet. Among them is the young writer Derviš Imamović.Life and work in the camp is inhumane and horrible, but in the darkest hours light emerges in the form of the love of a young girl on the other side of the barbed wire.

BODØ 1974
The cancer-stricken diplomat, Derviš Imamović, travels by the Nordland Railway towards Bjerka to visit the grave of the love of his life where the prison camp once stood. On the way, he is haunted both by the memories of the unimaginable suffering in the camp, and the memory of his beloved Erika.

The grave of the great love of his life awaits him in Bjerka Foto: Bjørn Leirvik

War Travels

Granitt is a part of Bodø2024 capital of culture project War Travels, which seeks to dramatize the region's under-communicated and intimate war stories along the Nordland Railway.

War Travels will not only remind us of the effects of war on people and society, but also of how our past, present and future are intricately intertwined.

War Travels also include: Sona/Zona, Kappe land, Narvik and In the Garden of Arctic.

War Travels Pass

If you wish to catch the entire War Travels program in July and August 2024, the War Travel pass is recommended for only 675 NOK. The pass gives entry to all War Travels performances as long as there are available seats, with the exception of Walk In the Garden of Arctic to Engabreen.

If you want to reserve a place, send us an email with the date and title of the performances you want to see, and we'll fix it.

A limited number of passes are on sale now.

Duration 60 min
By and with Iso Porović
Freely based on "Granit" av Derviš Imamović
Director & Scenic- and Costume Designer Birgitte Strid
Lighting Designer & Technician Johan Haugen
Production manager Karoline Solbakken
Stage Manager Wenche Bakken
Chief Technician Frode Fridtjofsen
Sound Technician Aksel Bakken
Lightning Technician Johan Haugen
Text Technician Hilde Karin Skreslett
Technician on tour Dagfinn Karlsen
Video & Animation Håvard Leermo Nystad, Se Nor AS
Costume Maker Halvard Leirvik
Train Conductor (Voice) Stein Elvestad
Woman (Voice) Lena Kvitvik
German Soldier (Voice) Phillip Richter
Master of Props Sissel Heien
Smith Herlof Øverdal
Carpenter Magne Jøsevold
Make-Up Artist Tove Solbakk
Photography Bjørn Leirvik
Tour Mangaer Jim Ove Marthinussen
Marketing Trine Rimer, Tina Ditlefsen, Hilde Karin Skreslett, Tove Hovind og Yngvild Keilen
In collaboration with Bodø2024
Supported by Samfunnsløftet
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