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In the Garden of Arctic

Musical stories and geopoetic walks

Join us on a unique journey of discovery. Explore hidden gems, stories and traditions through geopoetic walks and musical storytelling.

The geopoetic experiences include guided tours, conversations, and personal reflections with the Italian geopoet Davide S. Sapienza and Benny Sætermo from the Nordland National Park Center, as well as musical stories where Davide allows his texts to interact with the eminent double bassist Mats Eilertsen.

They have found inspiration in the majestic nature and rich culture of Nordland, with a firm belief that nature not only surrounds us but also communicates, educates, and reflects our innermost aspects.


Join Davide and Benny on the geopoetic walks!


Foto: Benny Sætermo

The geopoetic tour to Engabreen in Meløy is a collaboration with Meløy Municipality.

In celebration of the Bodø 2024 European Capital of Culture year, they invites the public to Svartisen with "I am a living creature" - about our relationship to the glacier, its rapid changes, and the grief that may arise if it were to disappear.

Program for the day:

07:00: Departure from the bus stop in Bodø city center

10:00: Boat from Holandsvika to Svartisen

10:15: Arrival and start of the geopoetic walk and exploration of the area, enjoy nature and listen to poetic readings. Food and drinks are available for purchase at Brestua

15:45: Boat from Svartisen to Holandsviks before returning to Bodø

Practical Information:

Price including round-trip transportation from Bodø/Meløy: NOK 800 / Price without transportation: NOK 400

We adjust the pace so that everyone who is able to walk on varying surfaces with stones, rocks, and inclines can join. We recommend good shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.

Feel free to bring a packed lunch and drinks, or you can buy lunch at Brestua!

​August 1, 2024: The Kjemåga Healing Stream​

The walk follows the Kjemåga stream, starting from the Kjemåvatnet at an altitude of 620m. We will explore the alpine area north of the Polar Circle, including Kjemåfossen, the WWII prison camp of Kjemåga, and the alpine tundra's rock formations. The route crosses the Sami reindeer husbandry lands within the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, revealing the poetic value of the landscape.


  • Meeting Point: Nordland Nasjonalparksenter, 8:15 AM
  • Start Time: 8:30 AM
  • Meet Davide S. Sapienza: 9:00 AM along the route
  • Duration: All day, return by 4:00 PM
  • Optional Walk: Additional hour to Storjord (5 km)
  • Guide: Benny Saetermo

August 2, 2024: Arctic Glares. Walking to Viskisvatnet

This intimate walk crosses the wavy tundra east of the Lønselva river, through Lønsdalen, merging with Kjemåga waters in Storjord. Hikers will experience the diverse elements of the Arctic Tundra, including mountain streams, birches, vegetation, marshlands, and boulders, showcasing the Arctic's natural beauty.

  • Meeting Point: Nordland Nasjonalparksenter, Storjord
  • Meeting Time: 8:30 AM
  • Transport: Bus to T trail (Lønsdal area)
  • Return: Early afternoon

August 3, 2024: Crossing Open Tundra. Sukkertoppen to Sodisteinan (Stødi)

Description: A free-roaming walk across the open tundra, following Sapienza’s "allfarvei" motto to find personal trails marked by streams, flowers, and the landscape. Hikers will see the Saltfjellet range and visit a group of boulders used by the Sami for offerings, exploring the original route of the national road E6 in the heart of the Arctic Circle.


  • Meeting Point: Sukkertoppen Parkering (Saltfjellveien, 8255 Røkland)
  • Meeting Time: 9:15 AM
  • Start Time: 9:30 AM
  • End Time: Around 2:30 PM


The gepoetic walks will be performed in English and in Norwegian.

The walks are open to hikers equipped with mountain gear and boots, with a limit of 20 participants per walk. Participants should bring food and beverages for a full day experience.

For more details, participants may contact the Nordland Nasjonalparksenter or check the Nordland Teater’s website.

Enjoy the poetic and immersive experience in the Arctic’s breathtaking landscapes!

Davide S. Sapienza is an Italian author, translator, and journalist. He has numerous publications to his name in his homeland, spanning a variety of genres from rock music to Jack London. In recent years, he has dedicated his time to poetic-philosophical wanderings and travelogues.

Benny Sætermo grew up in a small village outside Mo i Rana in Northern Norway. He has always been interested in nature and now works as a Nature Guide at the Nordland National Park Center. Benny is also our local expert and guide on the geopoetic tours together with Sapienza.


You can also enjoy a unique artistic encounter as Davide Sapienza and renowned Norwegian jazz bassist Mats Eilertsen create a magical blend of words and music.

Mats Eilertsen is one of Norway's most renowned jazz musicians. He is distinguished by his warm openness and his combination of solidity and willingness to experiment. He has several album releases under his own name and with his own trio. In addition, he has contributed to a large number of record releases with other artists and as a member of ensembles including the Tord Gustavsen Ensemble and The Source.


In the Garden of Arctic is a part of Bodø2024 capital of culture project War Travels, which seeks to dramatize the region's under-communicated and intimate war stories along the Nordland Railway.

War Travels also include: Sona/Zona, Kappe Land, Granitt, and Narvik.

If you wish to catch the entire War Travels program in July and August 2024, the War Travel pass is recommended for only 675 NOK. A limited number are on sale now.

The pass gives entry to all War Travels performances as long as there are available seats, with the exception of Walk In the Garden of Arctic to Engabreen.

Send us an email with dates and titles, if you want to reserve a spot

By Davide Sapienza
With Davide Sapienza, Benny Sætermo og Mats Eilertsen
Lanugage English
In collaboration with Bodø2024, Nordland Nasjonalparksenter, Nordland Musikkfestuke, Hamsundagene og Meløy kommune
Supported by SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge #Samfunnsløftet
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