What happens when human dignity is put aside?

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A profound notion on the brutality of war, the Nazis' distorted racial ideology and dehumanization.

SONA/ZONA is a dark and visual experience, among other things, inspired by the work of Soviet prisoners of war during the building of the Nordland Railway. Before the performance, explore a thought-provoking exhibition of photographs, artefacts and facts about the war. The exhibition is intended to enrich and provide a backdrop to the themes explored in the performance.

Experience the power of the theater and take a piece of history with you.

Welcome to a powerful and atmospheric experience Foto: Bjørn Leirvik

Historic Backdrop

The prison camps between Mo i Rana and Fauske were established to utilize the labor of Soviet prisoners of war. Surrounded by the same mountains we look up at today, the prisoners tried to persevere.

Gross violence, biting cold and hunger took the lives of many prisoners who, according to the Geneva Convention, were entitled to protection.

Hitler and the Nazis divided people into masters and subhumans ranked by race. This had major consequences for how the Germans behaved as both occupiers and soldiers. The desired outcome was that the slaves would die. Whether it happened through starvation, mistreatment, outright murder or if they worked themselves to death was less important. They were consumables.

In Sona/Zona we are taken to a place where we meet various figures, both the destructive ones who take lives, and the vigorous ones who survive against all odds.

A glimpse into a dark part of our history. Foto: Bjørn Leirvik

War Travels

Sona/Zona is a part of Bodø2024 the capital of culture project War Travels, which seeks to dramatize the region's under-communicated and intimate war stories along the Nordland Railway.

War Travels will not only remind us of the effects of war on people and society, but also of how our past, present and future are intricately intertwined.

War Travels also include:Granitt, Kappe land, Narvik and In the Garden of Arctic.

If you wish to catch the entire War Travels program in July and August 2024, the War Travel pass is recommended for only 675 NOK. The pass gives entry to all War Travels performances as long as there are available seats, with the exception of Walk In the Garden of Arctic to Engabreen.

If you want to reserve a place, send us an email with the date and title of the performances you want to see, and we'll fix it.

A limited number of passes are on sale now.

Duration 80 min
Director & Scenic Designer Terje Skonseng Naudeer
Lightning Designer Johan Haugen
Sound Designer Jim Oddvar Hansen
Cast Piotr Misztela, Terje Ranes og Preben Lillebø Rongve
Production Mangaer (2024) Karoline Solbakken
Tour Manager and Lightning Technician (2024) Vegar Angel N. Andreassen
Sound Technician (2024) Fredrik Bjerkan
Master of Props Grete Larssen og Sissel Heien
Costume Maker Halvard Leirvik
Smith Herlof Øverdal
Carpenter Magne Jøsvold
Marketing Trine Rimer, Hilde Karin Skreslett, Tove Hovind, Tina Ditlefsen og Yngvild Keilen
In collaboration with Bodø 2024
Supported by Samfunnsløftet
With special thanks to Nasjonalbiblioteket, Blodvei - museet, Rana Vulk, Alf Kristian "Kikkan" Pedersen, Kjell Sommerseth, Michael Stokke, Johnny Thørnquist, Eirik Audonson Skaar og Arild Smeby
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